Post 4: Face Everything And Rise! – Ashanti Anderson

By Ashanti Anderson

Sometimes as we get older, the simple things we learn as children slip from our memories – yet some of the little life lessons that adults said ‘will make sense when you are older’ creep back into mind as you approach those pesky little obstacles that life seems to throw every now and then. One that has crept back into my mind recently is so short yet so simple and it is all about fear. Not the kind of fear that makes you jump or the kind of fear that might lead to a phobia. Just general fears, referring to things we might be dreading or feeling anxious about as we go about our day to day lives.They might be small or insignificant to someone else but to you, it might be the very thing holding you back from doing the best and being the best you can be.

You might be anxious about things relating to the course – observations, paperwork, managing behaviour, planning a lesson that the children will enjoy and benefit from etc – or things completely unrelated to the course maybe in your personal life. But when it comes down to it, a lot of our fears are just our own ‘False Expectations Appearing Real’, so in order to overcome them we must ‘Face Everything And Rise’.

This never made sense to me as a kid because as far as i could tell, most of my fears were real! I hated spiders. Spiders are real. AND I always expected that at some point during the summer i would walk into a spider’s web and without fail, at least 5 times every summer i did (tragic). So there was no way i was going to bravely face a spider! So I brushed this valuable acrostic under the carpet. Yet somehow over the weekend as I was feeling anxious about the new challenge ahead of me – covering a lesson for a different class – it all came back to me and of course it all made sense.

Face Everything And Rise

So today I looked at my challenge from a new perspective and before i went into to school I reminded myself to face everything and rise and believe me, it worked. I felt ready for the day, and as it turns out, my ‘fear’ was a False Expectation Appearing Real. Initially I expected the worst. However when I began to rise above and see my challenge as an opportunity, it turned out to be exactly that. And instead of being the worst day, it turned out to be one of the best.

So guys what i’m trying to say in a roundabout way is have a bit more faith in yourself, and if you are ever in need of a confidence boost or an anxiety buster, remember you can do it!

Think ‘Face Everything And Rise’ and I guarantee you will!