Post 5: Stay Positive – Stephanie Jenkins

Just to give you all warning, I have never done a blog before and I really wanted to do a jazzy video but with my Frog being my assignment I haven’t had the time. Apologies, I know that’s what you all wanted!

I relate to comedy and tragedy masks within theatre if something I do goes well, I’m happy and I smile. But, the when something doesn’t go how I expected then I feel disheartened and sad. I know some of you will also have good days and some days where you need a little encouragement to be positive again. So, as we approach Week 6 of the course I am finding myself to be very conscious of deadlines, having taken on this challenge of being a trainee teacher I know that there is HUGE amounts of work to do but I can see a rewarding endgame. The more positive you are the better you will feel.

My aim is to teach young people about my passion for the arts and hopefully inspire a few along the way. I am enjoying teaching students about a subject that has been at the forefront of my education for as long as I can remember. Seeing pupils who are engaged within my lesson is pleasing because although I don’t have much experience yet I can still support students and help them progress. I have already taken on extra opportunities, for example going on a trip to Leicester Space Museum and co-running Drama Society. (Promoted with fabulous new poster!)

During the first week, I delivered two Year 7 lessons focussing on teamwork skills within drama and this was demonstrated through drama games. Now I love drama games but some people feel that it can make you look silly, I was worried that students would hear ‘game’ and go crazy! The group I worked with really understood that for the game to work, they needed to use teamwork skills and communicate with each other.  To see a group of year 7’s who don’t know each other that well work as a team was rewarding and they had learnt some key drama skills whilst having fun! What could be better? Oh yes, that’s right – “Miss, that was the best drama lesson EVER!!” Yes, a student said it was the best drama lesson ever and that for me was a highlight of my journey so far. There have also been times when I don’t feel so positive, but the best way to deal with any negatives is to reflect and see how to overcome or improve any issues.

Miss, that was the best drama lesson EVER!!

So, although there will be times when you are stressed with deadlines or something isn’t going the way you want, remember tomorrow is a new day. Teaching is a rewarding career and a simple comment like the one above can make all the stress seem worth it. If you can show students you are enthusiastic then it may project on to them.

Have a great week guys!