Post 12: Looking Back – Yaseen Quhill

December 2016, feeling stuck revising for countless examinations, planning for my final year project at university, I was lacking in confidence. Those around me seemed to be so much more competent, that’s how it seemed at the time. It was in the back of my mind that I had to start applying for teacher training applications through UCAS as I had planned. Time was running out, and I felt the pressures of life starting to come together, or though it seemed in my little bubble. I couldn’t see where my route was taking me, I just hoped it was progressing. A year ago, my personal struggles at university were everything, and it was difficult to gain perspective. It’s much easier however, as fast forward a year later, now December 2017, I have successfully come through the challenges of university, and managed to gain a teacher training place. I am now well into my SCITT course, with a renewed personal belief, and a clearer image of where life is headed. I always find myself thinking back to these murkier days, as it helps contextualise my current workload, and see the positives in it.

I encourage all, when they feel they are deep in the trenches, cornered by their current tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines, to take a moment to remember a time that wasn’t so great. It’ll allow you to appreciate the opportunistic position you’re in now, and gain some regained enthusiasm within your day.