Post 13 – Putting CPD into Practice – Leanne Oldham

Putting CPD into practice

As I progress through my training, I am finding that I am developing an increasing awareness of how children learn. The combination of SCITT training, BCU Subject Pedagogy, practical experience and school CPD is proving invaluable to my development as a teacher.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need has suddenly become tangible and meaningful; working each day with children who may have their most basic physiological needs met, but who may be lacking in feelings of love and belonging, and may be low in self-esteem. At Saint John Wall, I attended a CPD session on attachment which helped to pain a compelling picture of how neglect can affect learning, behaviour and the physical development of the brain. I have been able to see possible links between this and particular students who I work with. As a result of this training, I feel better equipped at dealing with certain problematic behaviours more effectively and sensitively.


Finding my own voice

As we begin the Spring term, I really do feel as though I am starting to find my own style, my own voice and I have begun to experiment with some more creative ideas of my own, such as a new reward incentive system for the lower years (Year 8 have responded particularly well to this) and in turn classroom behaviour has improved significantly.


Some Top Tips

Here are a few tips and suggestions that I have found useful:

  • Allowing time for responding to marking each day – although this can be tedious and laborious it does help to prevent the panic marking prior to book scrutiny time! Also, marking only makes any sense if children have time to read and act on your comments. This helps to evidence pupil progress and also forms a useful dialogue between pupil and teacher.
  • Knowing something about the children’s life and interests outside school – any interest can be a hook to engage them in learning. Incorporating this into your lesson plans is a great engagement tool and helps makes pupils feel valued.
  • Get your PPA time nailed down. In writing, if possible!