Post 15: Where did those six months go? – Emma Stoneman

Where did those six months go….

Six months ago, I would not have believed I would be where I am now. Six months in and yes, it is hard, and yes there are moments of self-doubt, but they soon disappear when a child says, “thanks for teaching us Miss, that was a great lesson”. Meeting the halfway mark is something that we must all feel has come around quick, I know I feel like it has! Building up the teaching time (and the marking) is giving us more of an insight of what the real deal will be like.

“thanks for teaching us Miss, that was a great lesson”.

We all have those struggles in day-to-day, and I know in the past week I have had many new and unexpected challenges thrown at me, but we deal with them and we come through them. Maybe not 100% but we can look back and say, “I handled it”, and hey, that’s what our training is for, learning from those plans that didn’t go quite right, picking ourselves up and giving it another go.

So, as we approach half-term (woohoo!), I am making sure I stop for a good rest to allow myself to reflect on the past 6 months, and look forward to the next 6, because they’ll be gone before we know it.