We are extremely proud of our Partnership of schools, where we place Trainees during the Academic Year. Each of them is committed in providing high quality School Based Trainers. The School Based Trainers are supported by the SCITTs Professional Tutors to secure consistent and highly effective support and guidance for all. The School Based Trainers have opportunities to engage in further professional learning opportunities linked to their mentoring and coaching role. They also have opportunities to collaborate with other School Based Trainers within the partnership to secure and share expertise to measure outcomes across the Teachers Standards. Our schools appoint many of our trainees (avg 85%) a year. This clearly demonstrates that they value the quality of our training.

We strategically work with our SCITT Management and Development Group. This group is made up of a core partnership who provide a plethora knowledge and understanding. They challenge the programme to ensure we consistently deliver the very best practice possible.e.

Together South Birmingham SCITT, CPTSA, Ninestiles School, An Academy and The Augustine Partnership collaboratively offer fantastic training to secure you into the teaching profession.

Remember if you cannot find what you are looking for – please see if we offer it under one of our other Partnership Provider Codes – eg Secondary D&T not under Ninestiles School, An Academy but can be found under The Augustine Partnership, if in doubt please feel free to get in touch.